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Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs

The master cleanse can help your overall image and assist you in looking both younger and healthier, it also gives your strength and stamina a boost. In addition to this, the master cleanse will do wonders for your energy levels, and provide you with mental focus and better concentration.

Because the Master Cleanse involves lemons, it is associated with names such as the Lemonade Diet, lemonade fasting or the lemonade cleanse. Stanley Burroughs initiated this process in 1940, with the initial purpose being to cure stomach ulcers. 30 years later, in 1970, Burroughs wrote and published a book on this Master Cleanse that did more than just cure stomach ulcers; it also helped to lose weight, treated other disorder disorders, and cleanse the entire body in general, leaving you healthier than before. Peter Glickman also wrote a book about the Master Cleanse and weight loss in 2000.

NOTE: This is not a diet, it is simply a detox procedure.

There will be some discomfort during the detox process, so be aware of this.

Purpose of the lemonade diet:

  • Remove any toxins or congestion within your body.
  • Rinse the kidney and your digestive system.
  • Clears all the cells in your body of any impurification.
  • Creates a more powerful and pure blood flow.
  • Revives youth and elasticity.

The lemonade that is the main beverage in this diet is made from a combination of freshly crushed lemons (2 tbsp), maple syrup (2 tbsp), and cayenne pepper (1/10 tsp) and of 8 ounces of water, it serves as a substitute for all solid food, which means that one is not allowed to eat anything solid during the whole session of the Master Cleanse.

All detoxifications help your body to flush our any existing toxins. Many allergies result from an unhealthy colon “flora”; this is why cleansing your colon and bowel will prevent you from the allergies that normally plague you. A colon detox will flush out the colon with the salt-water rinse; this type of detox is more intense than the Master Cleanse as a whole.

When going through the Master Cleanse, you will not only look younger, but you will feel younger. You will feel a boost in energy levels, and feel fresh and youthful. When doing this “lemonade diet”, you must stick with it for at least 10 days for it to be effective; Stanley Burroughs stated that you can lose up to 20 pounds of body weight, if the Master Cleanse is followed properly.

On a normal basis, an individual, instead of consuming the required 1,500 calories, will intake about 2,150 calories. When on the Master Cleanse, you will intake 650 less calories every day; this can equate to you losing 3 pounds every week. The Master Cleanse calls for the sole intake of the lemonade diet; substitute your diet with lemonade to stimulate instant cleansing of the colon.

The master cleanse kit is provided with some tips; this is so that you know how to prevent intense side effects, what to do when detoxification is complete, and how to avoid food that can stimulate allergies and contribute to bad eating routines.

What Does the Master Cleanse Program Include?

The Master Cleanse integrates the lemon juice fast. The Lemonade diet recipe uses ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and other herbs which will increase your level of health and remove toxins. This is a nontoxic diet.

Master Cleanse Recipe, per glass:

  • Two tablespoons of fresh squeezed organic lemon/lime juice
  • Two tablespoons of Grade B maple syrup

*For diabetic patients, the maple syrup can be exchanged with Agave Nectar and Molasses. The Glycemix Index for maple syrup is 54, whilst for Agave it is only 27.

  • Half a teaspoon of ground pepper (either red or cayenne pepper)
  • 10 ounces of pure spring water

Every day, you should prepare enough mix to suffice for 12 glasses of juice.

During the process of the cleanse, you should also drink laxative tea and perform salt-water flushes, to speed up and aid the process.

When we say “organic lemons”, we refer to lemons which are not exposed to pesticides. For beginners, it is recommended to include some lemon pulp, to add some flavor and zest. Always drink the juice through a straw to prevent mouth sores or ulcers from the acid of the lemon.

Grade B maple syrup is recommended as opposed to Grade A, because it contains more natural ingredients.  To incorporate the cayenne pepper, slightly heat it in a pan, crush, and add to the mixture. To help dissolve all the ingredients completely, use warm water instead of just room temperature water.

If you do not fancy lemonade, the alternative is to use sugarcane juice. Simply put the same ingredients into the sugarcane juice, and intake the same way; 6 – 12 glasses a day should be consumed.

Maple syrup can also be replaced by organic sugarcane juice; simply use the equal amount in the mixture.

To end up with a smooth and easy-to-ingest drink, mix all of the ingredients thoroughly.  While other detox drinks or shakes will induce side effects, this juice will not. People assume that it is not possible to survive healthily on a diet such as this, because they think the transition from the juice back to normal foods will be too difficult. However, the Master Cleanse is designed to give you optimum energy, calories and health.

The minimum time for the Master Cleanse is 10 days, but you can proceed to up to 40 days; Stanley Burrough’s reasoning behind this is that Jesus went on fast for 40 days subsequent to his baptism. During your time participating in the Master Cleanse, it is advised to keep a journal so that you have results to compare to if you choose to do it again in the future.

You obtain about 110 calories for every glass of juice that you consume; this ensures that you will not run out of energy. You must drink additional materials to make it more effective; a quart of salt-water in the morning and herbal tea at night will do just fine. If you choose to do the Master Cleanse, it is suggested that you take time off of work or school to do so; this is due to the fact that you will be having several bowel movements a day as the colon and bowels cleanse themselves.

After performing Stanley Burroughs’s Master Cleanse recipe, you will be a whole new person; despite the changes already occurred, you will also not feel the need to consume oily or junk foods. Many people were so drastically changed that they became vegetarians upon completion of the Master Cleanse.

Does Master Cleanse Really Work?

The Lemonade Diet is very effective; it has been endorsed by many celebrities who have gone though and loved the cleanse. The reason for its successes is that your body, for 10 days, is constantly flushing out toxins, bacteria and fecal matter, leaving you fresh, active, alert and clean. You will also feel better about yourself, giving you a stronger body image, and therefore a happier state of mind.

The only thing to be cautious of is to not drink too many glasses of the mixture at one time; leave times of rest between each glass, because the ingredients work slowly and gently to cleanse your colon and eradicate your body of waste.

Master Cleansing – Manual Process

To begin, drink a quart of salt-water on the morning you commence the diet; do this before you consume any lemonade. Throughout the course of the day, consume a minimum of 12 glasses of the Master Cleanse mix; if your goal is to lose weight, then also add 6 glasses of lemonade for this purpose.

If you feel the need for an intensive colon cleanse, drink a minimum of 12 glasses of lemonade. You should also consume herbal tea at night. Follow this same routine for at least 10 full days.

Post Master Cleansing

To complete the Master Cleanse program, ingest a few glasses of juice; orange juice is recommended. Make sure to sip slowly; because your body has gotten so used to only liquids, so consuming any solid food to quickly will result in an upset stomach and possibly vomiting.

Stick with this method for a few days, and in about 3 days you can eat some raw fruits or vegetables for lunch and dinner; staying with fresh foods will make the transition easier for your body. You can resume a somewhat normal diet on the fourth day; keep away from meat, fish, eggs, bread, coffee and milk until about 4 days later. Try to only consume rye crackers with vegetable soup, to ease yourself back into solid and processed foods.

Things to Avoid While on the Master Cleanse

Stanley Burroughs suggests that those who are doing the Master Cleanse should stay away from honey; if honey is mixed in with the lemonade, it could result in stomach cramps and vomiting.

In addition to this, avoid any vitamins, supplements or illegal drugs. If you are on medication or antibiotics, do not commence the cleanse until you discuss it with your doctor. You must also not drink coffee, tea, alcohol or smoke cigarettes whilst on the Master Cleanse; many habits are broken as a benefit of taking part in the cleanse. Some things you are allowed to drink are plain water, mint or herbal/ laxative tea.

Master Cleanse Body Detoxification Symptoms:

Any cleanse or detoxification process will result in positive stress for your body. The first symptoms will start approximately 24 hours, depending on your body’s sensitivity. Since you have been eating normally, the body will not realize that it is meant to release its toxins until about 24 hours have passed.

The first symptoms of beginning the cleanse can include insomnia, cravings, depression and hair loss; you will also have the initial feeling of fatigue and drowsiness. This is simply your body adjusting to the detoxification, so there is no need to worry. Simply reduce the amount of activity you are participating in, but do not completely succumb and spend the whole day sitting or lying down.

To speed up the Master Cleanse and help your body to heal quickly on its own, be sure to consume plenty of water. The toxins in your body are stored away in a part of your body which protects you from the harmful chemicals; when it notices that you are undergoing a cleanse, the toxins will finally be released and exposed of. Do not be worried if you experience headaches during this releasing, as this is a normal side effect.

For Diabetics:

Do NOT start the Master Cleanse without discussion and approval from your doctor; a diabetic’s body cannot go so long without any form of sugar to break down, so it can prove to be very dangerous without prior consultation.

Master Cleanse Overview

Instead of using commercial and inorganic products to detoxify your body, choose to perform this Master Cleanse instead. Within one day, you will notice the alteration and positive effects, and within only 10 days you will be completely rid of toxins.

It’s so simple that all you need to do is substitute your normal diet with this master diet for a little more than a week, and you will feel healthier while losing weight in a natural manner; nothing impure about it!

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Master Cleanse is simple and combines and surpasses many other detox methods in ridding the body of unwanted toxins.
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