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Colon Cleansing Program

In our modern world, toxins are largely unavoidable. We are burdened with artificial colorings, pesticide and herbicide residues, preservatives and rancid oils in our foods, and other toxins. It’s almost impossible to escape from dangerous chemical-based cleaning products and cosmetics, harmful medications and other poisons. Even in the purest of environments, our bodies must process the waste products of digestion and cell renewal.

Many of these toxins end up in the colon. A weekend colon cleanse can clear out chemicals, promote better elimination, and help your intestines absorb nutrients.

Here’s how it works: Start on a Friday evening with a light, fiber-rich dinner, such as steamed vegetables and a half cup of brown rice. On Saturday morning, begin your fast with a glass of water and three or four 8 to 12-oz glasses of organic fruit and vegetable juices; black cherry, grape, apple and cabbage are best for healing the colon and flushing out any remaining mucus. On Monday morning, break your fast gently with a light breakfast:

either a banana, half a cup of brown rice or an apple.

During your cleanse, look for supplements that promote intestinal bulk and encourage bowel movements. Try adding a tablespoon of psyllium seed husk to an 8-oz glass of water; stir well and drink immediately. A tablespoon of liquid slippery elm bark extract diluted in 8-oz of warm water soothes intestinal walls. And acidophilus (two capsules containing at least 1 billion live organisms per capsule, or two tablespoons of liquid, two or three times a day) can replenish “friendly” intestinal bacteria.

Try gentle exercise to encourage digestion and elimination. Take long, slow walks; use them as a time for contemplation. Spinal twist and deep abdominal breathing, done throughout the day also help, also help stimulate the intestines. Or try this simple stretch: Standing with the feet directly under hips, place your right hand on your right hip, inhale and raise your left arm over your head. Exhale and stretch to the right. Inhale while reversing arms, then exhale and stretch to the left. Repeat nine times. Perform this sequence several times a day.

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Diet Detox - dietary regimen involving a change in consumption habits in an attempt to detoxify the body by removal of toxins or other contaminants.
Foot Detox - a technique that enhances ones ability to rid the body of toxins through the feet.
Colon Cleansing - the next best thing for overall health, energy and weight loss.
Master Cleanse is simple and combines and surpasses many other detox methods in ridding the body of unwanted toxins.
Lemonade Diet is the popular name for the Master Cleanser - a long-standing detoxifying or cleansing diet based on lemons.
Colonics or Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs.
Liver Cleanse - Cleansing and detoxifying your liver is one of the most powerful procedures you can do to enhance your body's peak performance.
Body Cleansing is absolutely necessary if we want to have a harmoniously functioning body that is free of internal contamination.
Colon Hydrotherapy or Colon Irrigation is a natural method of cleansing the colon using a soothing flow of warm, sterilized, and purified water instilled gently into the colon.
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