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Common Side Effects of Body Detox

Do you suffer from skin problems, fatigue or do you just not feeling healthy? If so, you may have heard that a body cleanse or body detox is the answer to your problems. Yes, it can be. However, before you start with any body detox program, it is vital to learn about the possible side effects of a body detox.

In terms of side effects, it depends on which body detox diet approach you take. For example, eating organic foods is an easy way to detox your body. When you stop feeding unnatural foods into your body, it can start to flush out the toxins already accumulated. On the other hand, there are juice fasting and water fasting. These two body detox approaches involve consuming nothing but juice and water respectively. Since our body relies on and is used   the consumption of solid foods, some side effects are bound to arise.

Side Effect #1 – Headaches

Headaches are common, but they can be a frustrating and painful side effect of body detox or cleansing. There are several different reasons that cause this side effect, but withdrawal is the most common one. Even if you do not smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol or drugs, you may still notice withdrawal symptoms. This is common with people who need their daily caffeine.

Even if you only drink two cans of soda or two cups of coffee per day, your body may have become dependent on caffeine. During a body detox or cleanse, you need to get rid of these drinks from your diet. As the result you could exprience a mild to severe headache. The good news is that at the end of your body detox program, you may finally free yourself from caffeine addiction and will no longer need it to go about your day.

Side Effect #2 – Fatigue

It seems ironic that fatigue and drowsiness are side effects of a body detox or body cleanse. After all, that is one of the main reasons why people opt for a body detox; to alleviate fatigue. At the end of your body cleansing or detox program, you will notice your energy to increase. During the cleansing, you will be feeling fatigue and drowsy. This is common body reaction with juice or water fasting, as your body will temporarily lack essential nutrients.

Side Effect #3 – Nausea

Another common side effect of a body cleanse or body detox is nausea. Many individuals experience this side effect and there are various causes to it. If you have an addiction, such as to cigarettes, caffeine or alcohol, you may experience withdrawal symptoms on a body detox. A common symptom of withdrawal is feeling nauseous and vomiting.

Very popular body detox programs like the Master Cleanse, water fasting and juice fasting call for the elimination of solid foods. Within the first three days of your detox, you will experience intense hunger. Although the hunger will pass, you may still experience nausea.

Side Effect #4 – Increased Urination

Whether you consume organic foods, fruits and vegetables only, or if you opt for a juice fast or water fast, your body will be fed with a lot of. These liquid are important, as they help to flush the toxins out of your body. Unfortunately, more liquid equal more trips to the bathroom.

Side Effect #5 – Diarrhea

In addition to making more trips to the bathroom to urinate, you may also experience an increase in bowel movements. At first, this may come in the form of diarrhea. This is good for your body because your body is naturally detoxifying or discharging the toxins built up. In fact, the more frequent you go to the toilet, the better your body detox or body cleansing is working.

Many people wonder if they need to adjust their schedules while on a body cleanse or body detox. Well, if you are doing a colon cleanse, as opposed to a whole body detox, some small adjustments has to be made. Colon cleanses with the use of pills or salt water flushes tend to have more effective and quicker results.

The above mentioned side effects are just a few of the many you may experience while on a body detox or body cleanse. It is important to remember that the human body and body detox plans vary; therefore, you may be free from any side effect or experience additional complications.

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Diet Detox - dietary regimen involving a change in consumption habits in an attempt to detoxify the body by removal of toxins or other contaminants.
Foot Detox - a technique that enhances ones ability to rid the body of toxins through the feet.
Colon Cleansing - the next best thing for overall health, energy and weight loss.
Master Cleanse is simple and combines and surpasses many other detox methods in ridding the body of unwanted toxins.
Lemonade Diet is the popular name for the Master Cleanser - a long-standing detoxifying or cleansing diet based on lemons.
Colonics or Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs.
Liver Cleanse - Cleansing and detoxifying your liver is one of the most powerful procedures you can do to enhance your body's peak performance.
Body Cleansing is absolutely necessary if we want to have a harmoniously functioning body that is free of internal contamination.
Colon Hydrotherapy or Colon Irrigation is a natural method of cleansing the colon using a soothing flow of warm, sterilized, and purified water instilled gently into the colon.
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